Day 2

The second day of Dev8D started with my Moodle Plugins workshop. It was reasonably well attended and the people who were there seemed to find it useful. I certainly found it an enjoyable experience.

After lunch I attended Jack Franklin’s sessions on CoffeeScript. It’s a really interesting idea, and next time I’ve got some Javascript to write I’ll try writing CoffeeScript instead to see if it really does save me time and effort.

The project zone had a brilliant demo of the “ghetto touch-table” from the University of Southampton – basically a home-made Microsoft Surface-style set-up. The thing that really interested me about it was it’s simplicity – a sheet of Perspex with IR light shining through it, and a camera to pick up light that gets reflected down by an object touching the surface. It only had a few purpose-built apps that could use the touch functionality, but I’d love to see it again once they’ve got it controlling the OS.