Never mind hot, get then while they’re still there!

OggCamp tickets have been flying out the door as fast as we can release them, and we’ve just released another batch of 100!

About 45 of those have already gone at the time of writing, so if you want to come, you’d better get in quick! It’s awesome to see that there’s such a buzz around our little event that we do for the fun of it (we’re not making any money out of it, it’s purely for the giggles).

If the tickets are already gone by the time you read this, please do add yourself to the waiting list. You may be lucky enough that there’ll be returns, and if we know that demand is outstripping supply, we can look at which rooms we’ve got in the venue and possibly make more room.

If you’ve got a ticket and need a place to stay, we’re recommending the Premier Inn, Aldershot. It’s a pretty good deal and not too far away.

See you there!