So, this was going to be my blog post to promote OggCamp and tell everyone to come. However, just 5 days after the event was announced, the 200 tickets have sold out.

So what the hell is OggCamp?

OggCamp is an annual celebration of Open Technology, including Creative Commons music, art, literature, Open Source software, open data, and anything else that’s generally geeky and hackable. It’s organised by The Ubuntu UK Podcast and Linux Outlaws. This year will be the third that the event has run, and the first one I’m involved in organising, and it looks like it’s going to be a blast.

When/Where is it?

The event’s being held at the Farnham Maltings in Farnham, Surrey on the 13th and 14th of August. The “official” hotel is the Aldershot Premier Inn, which is a short drive, train ride or a very long drunken stumble away.

It sounds amazing, but I don’t have a ticket! What do I do now?

As I mentioned, the event is now sold out. All ticket registrations are handled through EventBrite. I’d suggest watching the page like a hawk for any cancellations, and snap up the tickets. Did I mention that the event is free for all attendees?